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Bring your Brand's Story to life with the NEW way to increase visibility and engage your customers/clients to fall in LOVE with your Brand and TURN NOTIFICATIONS ON!

Let's face it - people are tired of Ads. That's why SALTEES has created a unique way to inspire Brand Awareness. Add a spark of flare and pizzazz to your products/services by adding a new sense of adventure to them! GET FEATURED in a SALTEES Story and start promoting your Brand/Services/Products by rewarding your [potential] customers right away with SALTEES READ IT TO WIN! Loyalty Rewards

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The goal of SALTEE Stories is to create stories that evoke long-lasting and meaningful connections with our readers. To create a memorable story we have Mastered the Art of writing with emotions.

Stories have the power to transform the way readers think and to give them insights into human nature that is impossible with any other form of art. 

SALTEE Stories connects with readers by providing truthful experiences that stimulate emotions within the reader. We have created a cast of Key Characters that readers can emotionally connect with; as well as connect with on Instagram!

SALTEE Stories authors write with truth, honesty, and authentically, which gives us the power to create truly great stories. We retain the right to refuse the promotion of any service/product/brand that we believe would not bring value to our readers.

SALTEE Stories reward readers for taking suggested actions and evoke their minds long after they have finished reading, like a Netflix series you never want to end! Except with all the benefits of reading, sparking your imagination and earning actual redeemable rewards!

So get ready to go on a mind trip with us as we travel to different parts of this world and dive into a realm of fantasy, magic and mystery! You never know what the next story will bring...
"SALTEE Stories are a clever and refreshing twist on product/service reviews!" ~ PIN-ME-UP Studios
"Charming and captivating! SALTEE Stories really draws in the reader like that good book you just can't put down!" ~ John O'Malley
"I love how I can follow SALTEE Stories Key Characters on Instagram and when they follow me back I really feel like I'm part of the crew!" ~ Marie Eve Jean Cote
"I look forward to SALTEE Stories Guest Appearances the most! You never know who is going to show up in the next story!" ~ Jessica Sterling

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