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While many necromancers may favor the mystery of crows or the ominous appearance of ravens, subtler practitioners are often found among flocks of magpies. These small birds, despite their innocent and common appearance, each hold a drop of devil's blood upon their tongues, and are inextricably linked to the decay of life.

Our Magpie Acrylic DND Dice Set features cream/white colors along with solid opacity, a solid pattern, and no luminescence. Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons or any tabletop Role Playing Game. These dice do not discriminate.

Dice Attributes

  • COLOR: Cream, White
  • MATERIAL: Acrylic
  • SIZE: Standard
  • OPACITY: Solid
  • PATTERN: Solid
  • NUMBER COLOR: Purple
  • 7 PIECE SET COMES WITH: D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4 and Percentile