Treasure Hunt

There is a Treasure Hunt happening right NOW on our Instagram! 
PLAY TO WIN! @stay.saltee

Are you ready for an EPIC Adventure? Learn all about critical environmental and humanitarian issues while earning Loyalty Points redeemable for anything & at anytime on your WISHLIST! 

Simply follow the Game Board [our Instagram Feed @stay.saltee]  in any direction to get to a Check Point. Complete the Quiz associated with each Check Point to Earn SALTEE REWARDS & TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR OUR INSTA GIVEAWAYS! LEARN MORE >>

Your Quest

The map is divided into Quests with Quizzes associated with each Quest. Some Quests may even take you off the beaten path [off of our Instagram page] and onto one of our Ambassador's pages!
BEWARE of Pirates! And that ENTIRE Quests can be eliminated at any time! So hurry up and get started! You will find the list of currently active Quests below. Good Luck!

Complete The QUIZZES In Each Quest



Our Instagram Puzzle Feed Game Board was cleverly created by @czar.creatives UP YOUR INSTA GAME TODAY! Learn MORE >>