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Thank you for your interest in becoming a SALTEES Brand Ambassador! Acceptance grants you Exclusive promotional offers that you can pass along to your friends & followers on all of your social channels AND MORE!

SALTEES is a NEW Online Luxury Consignment Shop loaded with top designer brand names items! We are looking for a few [Micro to Elite] Influencers to join our team [Men, Women & Pets!] Earn FREE CLOTHING, COMMISSION & REWARDS, Get Featured on our social channels and be a huge part of our AMAZING team!

You will be ENTERED INTO GIVEAWAYS for $1,000 SHOPPING SPREES And a chance to WIN A PHOTO SHOOT at some of the biggest venues around the world! [Once this pandemic clears up of course!] In the meantime, you can WIN FREE Magazine Quality Photo Retouching Services! 

Feel AMAZING about representing a brand that cares about the importance of family, friends, humanity & the environment and of course fashion! Who says you can't have it all?!!! SALTEES is a philanthropist brand supporting multiple charities by donating products & funds from sales, hosting charitable events & online forums. SALTEES respects all of Earth's creatures and all skin care & beauty products are 100% cruelty-free. We are committed to helping the environment and cleaning up the oceans by supporting charities who are working hard to make a real difference for our planet! LEARN MORE >>


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Please Note: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter the mandatory social channels required for acceptance. We will screen your accounts to see if you are a match to represent our brand. If you are successful we will e-mail your unique promo code to you. We have very limited spaces for this opportunity.