Scorpio Collection

Scorpios love to shop! Buying new jazz is like instant happiness for Scorpio. They have impeccable taste and like elegant, good quality, coveted pieces which they can showcase (*ahem* show OFF) to others. It's a good thing they get a special PROMO CODE: SCORPIO25 to Enjoy 25% OFF Everything in SALTEES Scorpio Collection AND 10% OFF SALTEES Entire Zodiac Collection for their friends & family during their Birthday Season! PROMO CODE: SCORPIO10

Scorpios are born between October 23rd and November 21st, and belong to the Water Element of the Zodiac (along with Cancer and Pisces). It's a funny thing because many people assume that Scorpios are one of the Fire signs (just like people often think Aquarius is a Water sign- WRONG), given their obvious passion and strength. Scorpios LOOK like a Fire sign at first glance but, underneath, it's all a LOT more emotional and layered. Scorpios got 'levels', they are the zodiac's enigma.

Emotional, imaginative and intense, Scorio is like the big, bad elder sister of the Water sign crew. You don't mess with the turbulent, deadly scorpion my friend, their sting can be fatal - and they make the other signs of the zodiac (apart from maybe Aries, who they share a planetary influence with) look like wusses!

They are ruled by two planetary influences (and only Pisces and Aquarius can say the same)- Pluto (god of the Underworld) and Mars (god of War)... and that kinda' sums them up. Dark and dangerous. Drawn to what lies beneath, to the mysteries of life, to the 'underbelly' of humanity, and also able to fight to the death if they are wronged / betrayed / abused. You HAVE been warned. ~Cosmopolitan Entertainment