TLBB: Chapter II

TLBB: Chapter II



  1. Bathers are required to wear swimsuits in the pool at all times.
  2. Bathers are required to shower before entering the pool area.
  3. Party-Goers are required to click the link to read the first segment of
     THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK  before entering the Pool Party.
Thank you for your cooperation 

     ~ Marie Eve, Property Management

A bit of a ruckus interrupts Sapphire's doting hello as a group of partiers arrive. It's Cory and company! Reef was surprised to see Myrtle, the flight attendant he has been trying to charm all week on one arm and the delicate and divine Amber on the other. What's he got...?! Reef wondered, laughing to himself.

Here we are, he thought, pleased with the way the night was commencing. Vegas, showgirls, singers and a sultry warm breeze creating the perfect setting for a wonderful evening. Guests continue to arrive. And then more guests. And then guests of guests. Where did all these people come from? The party host wondered quite shocked and bewildered. 'ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING!' He heard someone hollar. The 'Good Doctor' was also in the house!  Dr. Clicks, revered local plastic surgeon who performed reconstructive rhinoplasty on Glampress after a disaster practice run with one of his tricks. He cringed at the memory. Well, at least they could laugh about it nowadays, with her nose now as cute as a button. All she had to do now was just wiggle it at him, like Samantha from Bewitched, whenever she was feeling bratty and wanted something. And she didn't always use her powers for good... mostly for shoes and handbags on her Wishlist from SALTEES. And Reef always gave in, feeling terrible for what had happened. But boy, oh boy was Reef ever grateful that the 'Good Doctor' could do magic too! Or he would never have lived that one down!

Upon welcoming the 'Good Doctor', Reef commented on the number of party goers and wondered just what the capacity was... Well security wasn't bothering them. Oh shoot. Perhaps Dan thought my donation to his security fund was in fact a gesture to allow all of these party-goers VIP access to my private party... which wasn't so private anymore. "Just exactly what is the population of Las Vegas?" The Good Doctor inquired, interrupting Reef's thoughts. "I dunno man, but seems like half of Vegas has already rolled in... I just don't get it." Perplexed and confused, Reef held an ice cold drink in one hand and scratched his head with the other. "Oh, you didn't hear?" "Hear what?" The Good Doctor stole Reef's attention from his distracting thoughts. "This went viral today..." Reef assumed Dr.Clicks was about to show him another gorgeous scene from his instagram @click_p2 "So how's the nose?"

"Everybody into the PYOOOL!" Just as a shocked Reef looked up from the viral message sent out earlier that day by the prominent Joe Martinez, he witnessed the UFC Ring Announcer cannonball into the pool. BIG SPLASH! "Uh oh... No buenos..." Was all Reef could muster in his astonishment. UFC Fighters, their babes and followers... Did Sam Wake turn up? Reef wondered as it seemed this was T H E PLACE TO BE on this fabulous Industry Monday!

Even Magical Katrina Kroetch The Marvellous Magician who Reef studied Magic with a lifetime ago was there. He often checked in on her like a big brother via Instagram @magicalkatrina_ And was thrilled she was able to make it to his party on such short notice. Katrina was in the big cabana entertaining Reef's guests with her playful and whimsical magic tricks and charm. Reef had missed this little cutie since she started touring internationally with the charismatic show Champions of Magic and busy making appearances on the T.V. show Fool Us with Vegas Legends Penn & Teller. Katrina surprised Reef with a big cheeky smooch and a very special house warming gift when she arrived:  An Annual Membership to Penn & Teller's Master Magic Class. "Oh WOW!" Exclaimed Reef. "Yes! This will be an AWESOME way for you to brush up on your skills!" Glampress piped in. Wiggle, wiggle. "FUNtastic! Because I got a membership for you too, my little Glampy-poo!" "Aww you didn't have to do that doll!" Glams blushed. "It's no trouble! Penn and Teller have a magnificent deal on right now and I was able to Buy 1 and Get 1 FREE! I know how much Reef admires them!" Katrina said proudly before beginning to wow her audience with another amazing card trick.

Reef is pleased. The music is jammin', the chef is exquisite; tossing her pasta and singing her tunes, the crowd has grown (significantly), and the lights have just come on as the hot Vegas sun sets for another beautiful day. Myrtle has connected Reef with her dear friend D.J. Vinny Dice thru Instagram @djvinnydice as he just so happened to be on Myrtle's flight from NYC to Las Vegas last week. She boasted that he just got Voted #1 D.J. of Long Island! Reef was impressed with his website: New York's BEST D.J. Experience! D.J. Vinny Dice gets the crowd hoppin' as he spins some awesome beats.

He hadn't noticed the giant inflatable unicorn in the pool before. Of all things he thought, along with floating noodles and yes a clan of bikini babes. Many twinkling crystals in the sunset. He recognizes a few of the sparkling crystal rhinestone swimsuits from SALTEES, Glam's favorite online boutique!

Reef notices Amber standing at the bar and he moves in to strike up a convo. Just then she turns to see Graham at the door. Strike one. Graham is one of the photographers at the paper where she works. Reef, while not please, was ok about it and figured he would have his 'shot' later. The night was young. Into the pool he goes! No cannonball tho, he figures... that's already been done! LOL

Glampress was busy soaking up the last few rays of sunshine and mingling with her girls. "Did you hear about the big winner at the tables?" One of the UFC fighter's girlfriend chattered excitedly. "You mean GIANT WINNER!" Scarlet chimed in. "That guy was a ringer at the poker tables last night!" Scarlet had invited him to the party during her shift, but so far no show. "The casino thinks he might be a card shark and wants to expose him... But I think he's cute!" Scarlet giggles. "What guy?" Glampress inquisitively inquires. Scarlet pulls her cell out from under her towel to show off the new beau she's set her eye on... the newest BIG WINNER in Vegas. She scored his Insta deets, of course. Glam's jaw drops in utter shock. "Really?" Scarlet snickers. "You never like the same type of guys I like Miss Wild eyes over there. Give me back my phone!" "Ahh it's not that... " Glampress states in utter disbelief. "It happened again..." "What happened again?" The group of girls huddle closer waiting for Glampress to spill the tea. Instead she takes a slip from her Long Island Iced Tea (Not virgin because we're in the 21+ Adult Section of the story! LOL) BIG GULP... "It can't be..." she stares off into space still bug-eyed and mesmerized. "What can't be?!" Scarlet demands, now getting flustered that there might be some embarrassing news about her new crush. Like he's married ... or something... "TELL ME!" "He's gonna roll into the party with his wifey" Amanda teases. "His 7 wives! He's an Arabian prince!" The other girls join in the fun. "An Arabian Prince doesn't have 7 wives nerd!" "Well if she was a nerd she would have known that!" "You're thinking of a Mormon you morons" "A More- whoo -"

Glampress spills the tea...

»» ──────ஓ๑♥๑ஓ ────── ««

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»» ──────ஓ๑♥๑ஓ ────── ««

After a bit of splashing around, Reef takes one more slide down and grabs Myrtle in the pool. He invites her to go upstairs with him while he changes. She says yes, after a splashing contest naturally. Only Glampress notices that they are leaving - together - and thinks uh oh... not another one.

D.J. Vinny Dice is crankin' out the tunes when he is approached by Sapphire and a guest. He was carrying a bongo and asked if they could jam together. D.J. Vinny Dice introduces K Love to the crowd and hands the mic over. Another guy quickly shot over and started drumming powerful afrobeats on those bongos prompting K Love to burst out into song. D.J. Vinny Dice kept up with the duo and increased the speed of his mix. You could feel the heat rise from the deck of the pool as wet steamy bodies started to to wine. "Hey send me the link to your new song!" Cory joins them on stage. "Yo, add me on Instagram @adeoyesamkid_klove"

Reef returns with Myrtle and his treasured guitar. Hmmm... not a hair out of place, Glampress wondered. I better keep those two apart. Reef needs to focus on work... not women. "Oh Reef!" cooed Myrtle, "This is the BEST party ever!" Now adorned in a graceful, flowing Heather Jones Fig Leaf Resort Dress and her elegant Moleskine Eyeglasses, carrying her Forest Green Soft Touch Moleskine Backpack, the couple retreats to the fire pit for a quiet game of Show And Tell. Myrtle shows him the gorgeous sketches and pastels watercolor paintings she has created in her Moleskine Art Book of all of her favorite places, while Reef strums his guitar singing songs that compliment her ... and her art. Myrtle surprises him when she extends the scrolls hidden within her Japanese Art Album. "WOW! That's wonderful! I love them all! Your New york sketch reminds me of home!" "Thanks!"  Myrtle smiles as she adjusts her smart and chic Moleskine eyeglasses; concealing her come-hither glances.  Sweetly, the sexy school teacher incognito continues,  "I write stories about my adventures ... and some from other peoples adventures too..." She confesses shyly.  "Can I read them?"  "Sure!  I have a channel on www.Vocal.Media you can find them all there!  Vocal hosts lots of fun creative writing contests. You can even WIN Prizes!  You should sign up!"  "Sweet!  Yes, I've heard of it. Vocal created their challenges for a way to give back, come together, share stories, and gain inspiration for creators on the platform.  I have a friend who is entering their 20K Challenge to celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of Challenges on Vocal."  "WOW! That's really special!  Bonne Chance!"

Meanwhile, Sapphire and Scarlet are having a BLAST still in the pool and Graham is busy snapping away. Amber says quietly over his shoulder, get as many of them as you can and keep the ones that the paper won't use for me. Graham is in charge of the Swimsuit Models Sunshine Girl Section in the Las Vegas SUN and wanted to capture the all the wild hype. Plus this content was king and would light his Instagram @gallpix on fire! Needless to say, their playfulness was no longer appropriate for a Newspaper and more of a Playboy centerfold style as Glampress notices that her bodacious breasts are out for all! Only one way to handle this! She thought. Up the slide she climbed tossing whatever was left of her pink bikini off in the most dramatic strip tease. What nobody could understand is where did she get the bunny that she was holding in front of her lady parts? BIG SPLASH! Bunny... What bunny? She swam over to her Vegas vixens and they start frolicking playfully in the water.

The music is blaring, crowds are grooving and yet another group arrives. A long haired heavy metal band. Right off Skid Row. "Oh Hey!" Cory yells to Joel. "You brought the band!" "Cocktails first man, cocktails first."

One thing D.J. Magik knows is that women love chefs! So, of course he has perfected his culinary skills. He has had a crush on The Glampress since Reef first introduced the two years ago. And it wasn't a big secret. Many a time Reef has rolled his eyes listening to D.J. Looovesick Puppy pining over her. He finds himself drawn to her like a moth to a flame... or in this case his apron to the stove. OMG it's on fire! He frets in panic and makes a dash for the pool. Maybe not the best idea but Glammy-poo did giggle at him, so in his mind he scored.

Who the heck is gonna cook? Reef wondered; back from his mini-retreat with Myrtle, as he witnessed D.J. 'Makin' Magik and his fabulous famulus getting 'better acquainted'. I'm back just in time, he figures. The party is starting to get a little wild and I'm starting to get a little hungry. Off he goes to the pasta station. Reef, the consummate host assumes the position. Naturally, he reached for Tamika's Moleskine Passion Journal and takes a peek at all of her glorious recipes. "PASTA!" Reef calls out. "PASTA! COME AND GET IT!" 'GET IT!' Yeah, that's what Bella used to call out in her broken English. Reef blushed as the girls with Joel asked what restaurant he worked at. Conjuring up his best and his baddest Godfather impersonation, he played the part perfectly. There's no silly wabbit in this pasta he thought... Or is there? "Reef is THE Magician babe." Joel said while maintaining a staring contest with Reef and smiling. "Ohhhh REALLY!" She squealed! "Can I get a picture with you!?" The brunette Britney pleaded. "THE Magician?" Reef puzzled. "Yeah babe! Get in as close as you can! Maybe some of his magical good luck'll rub off on ya!" "Magical good luck?" Reef even more puzzled. "Oh, you mean because of Sam Wake!" Reef thought that he was now up to speed. "Yeah AND THE BIG WINNER FROM LAST NIGHT TOO! Everyone at the party is talking about how he was at your show just before he WON BIG TOO! The Glampress wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true!"

Well I'll be ...

While Reef was noodling around, the condo security arrived and spoke to him about the girls in the pool. After taking a few selfies with the pool in the background; hoping to get photobombed by a babe, Dan reminded him that clothing is mandatory. Reef apologized and played dumb. Boy, he was quite the actor tonight! He said he had been helping in the kitchen and wasn't aware. He promised to speak to the girls and made Dan a great spaghetti aglio e olio. "I'll get right on it." Reef said as Dan went back to his desk. "Yeah and maybe you should get a slot machine for your parties too, you lucky chump!" Dan laughed as he walked away.

D.J. Vinny Dice set out on a break. Without hesitation, Cory took the stage, inviting Joel and his legendary Whitesnake band members to join him. While the band did not have their full gear, they did have guitars, a harmonica and a bongo! The group started jamming and the party-goers went bananas, of course! Cory called Reef to join them but before he did he got the girls to go inside to get their party dresses on; including Glampress, who was exchanging Instagram accounts with the charismatic and love struck @officialdjmagik   I was only gone for like 40 minutes... Reef thought, how in the world did these two get together?  "He's got that je n'ais sais quoi!" A tipsy Glampy-poo, with dreamy eyes still locked on her gushing new beau says, as though she could hear Reef's thoughts.  "And the cutest British accent!"  A BIG WINK from an approving BIG Red.  "And tonight you're babysitting, you lucky wabbit!" Glams said playfully, tapping him on the nose before the cheeky girls go inside.  "I'm going to follow your fun Magic/Comedy & DJ Shows on TikTok!" @kuyamagik  "Shall we return to la Soirée Piscine?"  D.J. Magik jests to Reef in a comical British/French accent.  Why are you guys suddenly speaking en Francais? Reef wondered in amusement... Ahhh mais oui... 'tis zee language of luuuv!... Maybe they were made for one another!  "Heck yeah brother!  Everyone has been asking when you are going to spin some of your magik maestro fresh beats!  You've been too busy charming the ladies with your cream puffs and magik tricks all night!"  Maybe there was magic in the air... And like magic, the band started to gel as soon as D.J. Magik joined them on stage, playing an amazing set of covers and classics as people paired off dancing the night away.

Always concerned about his guests, Reef looked everywhere for Amber as he found himself wondering what her angle was. Why did she spend so much time taking photos with Graham at a party? He wondered.  He knew they worked together but parties were supposed to be about fun!  Well, Graham does exude that sultry Jonathan Goldsmith @stay_interesting"The MOST Interesting Man In The WORLD" vibe from those epic Dos Equis beer commercials.  Perhaps she fancies charming, older gentlemen.  Reef had spotted Mr. Goldsmith at the bar earlier; martini in hand and surrounded by a captivated audience.  Marie Eve and a few neighbors Reef had yet to meet, were thrilled and enchanted with the exciting stories of his many great adventures.  Reef was surprised to see him there and wondered who else might show up?  Is Mr. WORLDWIDE here?  He laughed to himself, now more relaxed that everyone at the party was having fun and conducting themselves accordingly.  Well, except Glampress, just add vodka and puff... instant troublemaker.  "1 Olive please, shaken, not stirred.  Just like James Bond."  Mr. Goldsmith ordered; making everyone, including the bartender smile.  He wondered if Graham had made Mr. Goldsmith's acquaintance yet.  There she is!  The ambitious intellectual, with the most radiant smile he has ever laid eyes on, is chatting with BIG WINNER Sam Wake and his partner in viral party crashing crime, Joe Martinez.  Feverishly taking notes in that yellow notebook of hers. It all made sense to him now... Amber was hot on the story for this lucky wabbit. Reef wondered what it would reveal if that yellow Moleskine Notebook could talk?

After a great set of music, Reef got the attention of the crowd. He thanked everyone for coming and decided to play up on all of the rumours that were circulating to his advantage. He announced that for his last show at the Flamingo later this month, that he would bring in a slot machine as part of the show. He couldn't provide any more details as the party-goers roared in excitement. Hushing them to settle down he added that he will be attempting to SAW The Glampress In Half!... A Magic Trick they've never attempted before. Glampress poked her head out of a window "SAY WHAT?!!!" "Get off the mic Reef! You're cut off!" Their fans loved their bantering and roared hysterically, although The Glampress was NOT joking.

After Reef's announcement Marie hopped up onto the stage apologizing to the crowd that the pool party had to end as the security has had too many complaints. Reef was relieved that she shot up to be the bearer of bad news. As a new tenant, the last thing Reef wanted was to be blacklisted in the security's notebooks. Did they use Moleskine too? He wondered. Marie thanked Reef on behalf of everyone there for throwing such a smashing BASH! BIG applause as he took a bow and bid his friends good night and reminded them to get home safely.  Friends don't let friends drink and drive.  Please feel free to see Dan at the security booth as he has kindly offered to call cabs for anyone who might need one.





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    Had I attended the party I would have put my best fashion foot forward. The event was akin to a fashion show.

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    Las Vegas is always the place to be all year round. This wonderful party just proves it.

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    Joe Martinez is a very interesting personality. Great to see that he was part of the party.

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    I think Katrina the Magician was a great treat. Nice touch for the party indeed.

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    I can’t swim if my life depended on it. I would have been a disaster at the party haha.

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